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GB Knightsbridge Grand Opening

Hello friends! It is with great joy that we opened our doors today, for a limited group of about 80 lucky souls. The attendance was very special as people from all around the United Kingdom came over, eager to know our brand new academy and reunite with Lucio “Lagarto” Rodrigues.

From experienced black belts, purple belts and blue belts, fresh starter white belts and several children, all excited with the new academy space.

After settling everyone in, Lucio “Lagarto” Rodrigues kicked off the seminar, starting by explaining his new project, his goals for the future and his full-time dedication to the new Gracie Barra Knightsbridge, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy. Lucio insisted, more than once, that this is his lifetime project and he will personally be teaching every day. Lucio also counted with the help of several black belt instructors such as Paul Hartley, Matt Stalone, Lucio Sergio dos Santos, Claudio Silva, Thiago Borges, Esther Tang and Ajaz Saddique.

Check the photos below and tell us what you think! Ossss.



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  1. Babak says:


    Lucio is a great fighter and even better person. If you have a chance go and meet this great champion at his new academy. I hope i can travel there very soon.


    • admin says:

      Dear Babak,

      Many thanks or your kind words! It is friends like you that make any academy flourish.
      Looking forward to see you soon in the mat!


      Gracie Barra Knightsbridge
      Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy

  2. Jay Terrell says:

    it was an honour to be at the opening of Gracie Barra Knightsbridge today. i will be back to learn as much as i can! good luck for the academy & best wishes to Lagarto who is an awesome role model & give from the heart. thank you so much guys. osss

    • admin says:

      Dear Jay,

      Many thanks for your comments and for attending our opening seminar. We hope to see you soon again!

      Gracie Barra Knightsbridge
      Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy

  3. Faisal Waryum says:

    It was such an honour coming down to witness the grand opening. Came down from Gracie Barra Glasgow, had such a fantastic time at the academy. Lagarto himself is such a great person and great instructor.
    I will hopefully be coming back to the academy very soon.

    • admin says:

      Dear Faisal,

      Many thanks for your kind words and for attending. You are always welcome to come by and train whenever you want.
      Thanks again.

      Gracie Barra Knightsbridge

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